We Are Here to Help You Not Suck at Fantasy Football

A few years ago, we decided we could replace all the hard work we put into our fantasy drafts by baking all of it into an app. At that time, there wasn't really anything out there that would be a "smart draft assistant", and so Draft Kit IQ was born. Our focus has been smartphone-first to support the lazy slackers like us that just want to show up, drink some beers, talk some smack, and walk away with a pretty decent team.

Half of fantasy football is luck, and the other half is not drafting Chad Ochocinco after he retired from football. Our goal with Draft Kit IQ is make sure that everyone leaves the draft with a team that they love and that can win the league. Fantasy football is about having fun, but losing isn't fun. IQ Fantasy Sports exists to help players have fun!

We don't want everyone to end up with same team, even though we do want everyone to use Draft Kit IQ, so we keep some features in place to personalize your experience. You don't have to take our recommendations, of course, and if you want to just draft the best player available according to projected point value, go right ahead- somebody has to finish last. :)