How to Configure the Optimizer


By tapping on the icon to the far right of the Optimize button, you can access the Optimizer Configuration panel. From here, you have options to tweak the magic sauce that powers your optimized lineup.

By default, for DraftKings lineups, the Optimizer will include RB, WR, and TE when trying to find a player for the flex position. If you want to restrict the position pool, toggle the position settings and optimize again.

By default, the Optimizer will avoid recommending a defense that goes against your players so as to maximize your potential. Deselect the "Avoid Players vs DEF scenarios" toggle to disable this setting and optimize again.

By default, the Optimizer will maximize your projected point total to give you the best chance to score a high total. While this is a great strategy for cash games (50/50), for GPP you will likely want to take a stack strategy focusing on certain games. Selecting one or more teams will nudge the Optimizer to recommend more players from that team to raise the likelihood of an extremely high score.