How to Filter Players and Games (Research)


All the Players come from far and wide, and on the Players screen you can filter them to find your targets. Players are sorted by projected fantasy points by default. The player grid shows you the dollars per projected point for your selected provider (FanDuel, DraftKings) to help you understand the value of the player. Favorable matchups have green text for the opposing team name, while difficult matchups have red text. Check marks indicate confirmed starters.

By tapping "Pos" in the menu, you can filter on a specific position if you want to research available players and their projections.

Tapping "Teams" in the menu will toggle the slate filter, which shows all the start times of games and individual games. By tapping various options, you can exclude certain times or games from consideration by the Optimizer. Note: you can screw this up! Any changes are indicated with a red dot next to the menu option, so if you accidentally turn off a game you will hopefully catch your mistake.

Tapping "Value" allows you to adjust the sort order of the grid, although it depends on the sport as to what options are available.

TIP: Look for games with a low over/under and exclude them, and pay attention to the over/under to identify possible teams to stack on the Optimizer screen.