How to Optimize


The primary feature of Lineups IQ is the Optimizer page, which can always be reached by tapping Optimizer in the center of the bottom bar. When you hit the Optimize button, IQ Fantasy Sports will generate a lineup that maximizes projected fantasy points based on all the criteria you've selected. Factors include the provider you are using (FanDuel or DraftKings), filters you have applied (excluding games or teams, ranges of salaries or points, stacking teams, etc.), as well as individual player locks or exclusions.

When you first come to the screen it will be blank in the middle as shown in this screenshot. Tap the "Optimize" button and you will have a result in seconds.

Once you have your result, you can save it to Saved Lineups by tapping the star icon next to the Optimize button.

To screenshot your result, tap the camera icon to the left of the Optimize button.

You can apply filters to customize the optimization by tapping the settings icon to the right of the star icon. The filters are described further down in the tutorial.